Industrial Digital Thermometer SPMK361

Industrial Digital Thermometer SPMK361

Short Description:

SPMK361 handheld precision digital thermometer has the characteristics of high accuracy and good
stability of various indicators, which is a precision temperature measuring instrument
tailored for the industry temperature measurement. Temperature measurement range is (-80 ~ 300)℃,
It can directly display the temperature value through the LCD screen, and has rich human-computer
interaction and communication functions, which is very suitable for laboratory and field use.

Operation Video

Product Detail

 Range  (-40~160)℃、(-80~300)℃  Relative humidity (15~85)%
 Power supply  lithium battery, USB power supply  Size  (123×60×30)mm
 Annual stability  0.05℃  Sensor size  300/500mm
 Usage temperature  (-10~50)℃  Weight  Around 400g


Multifunctional and easy to carry;
High accurate, the annual stability is better than 0.05℃;
Resolution 0.001℃;
LCD display, the screen can be turned;
Data storage function, recording time can be selected (2 ~ 3600) seconds;
Low power consumption, can work for 1000 hours when wireless communication is closed;
Collecting frequency is optional (1 ~ 3) seconds.

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