Automatic Pressure Calibrator SPMK221G

Automatic Pressure Calibrator SPMK221G

Short Description:

SPMK221G automatic pressure calibrator includes pressure generation, pressure measurement, electrical signal measurement and output, and HART communication functions. It is suitable for the calibration of on-site pressure instruments

Operation Video

Product Detail

Main Features
1.Built-in automatic pressure generating source;
2.Built-in rechargeable battery;
3.Box-type instrument, easy to carry;;
5.4.Support the calibration of HART intelligent instruments; it can be connected with SDP modular intelligent digital pressure calibrator;
6.Friendly user interface, icon management menu, graphic help interface, AC and DC available;
7.RS232 communication interface with optional baud rate.


Technical Parameter
1.Pressure control fluctuation: 0.005%FS
2.Display screen: 5.6 x LCD Screen(640×480;4/5/6 digit display optional
3.Environment for usage
Ambient temperature:(0~50)℃,  Storage humidity: <90%, Atmospheric pressure:(86~106)kPa.
4.Pressure port: M20×1.5 F,  1/4NPT F,  1/4BSP F,  1/2NPT F,  1/2BSP F.    2 ports.
5.Dimension: (385×298×196)mm;  Weight: 11kg(Pneumatic)

  Range Resolution Accuracy
Voltage measurement (-30~30)V 0.1mV ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
Current measurement (-30~30)mV 0.1μA ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
On-off detection If the switch has the inspection voltage, the voltage range is(3.0~24.0)V
Current output (0~22)mV  1μA
DC24V DC24V,Maximum load capacity 50mA

Note:temperature(20±5)℃,one year stability


Pressure Range (-0.09~2.5)MPa
Inner Module 1 (0~2.5)MPa
Inner Module 2 (-90~250)kPa
Data Storage
Pressure switch detection
mA/V measure
(0~22)mA output
Temperature compensation
External pressure module

①Temperature compensation range(-10~50)℃,1year accuracy;
②Inner pressure module is customizable, refer to the following《Pressure Range Select Table》.

Pressure Range Select Table for Inner Pressure Module

Range Accuracy Pneumatic type (2.5MPa)
(-100~160)kPa 0.02/0.05  ★
(-100~250)kPa 0.02/0.05
(-100~400)kPa 0.02/0.05
(-100~600)kPa 0.02/0.05
(0~1)MPa 0.02/0.05
(0~1.6)MPa 0.02/0.05  ★
(0~2.5)MPa 0.02/0.05

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