SDP Intelligent Pressure Module

SDP Intelligent Pressure Module

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SPMK SDP Pressure Module,

connect with SPMK 518 / 517 Process  Calibrator (External.)

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SDP Intelligent Pressure Module
Pressure ranges to 36,000 psi (2,500 bar)
Pressure type: Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure
Accuracy: ±0.05%FS
Connection: M20x1.5 Optional
Signal output: RS232, 9,600 baud rate, date length 8 digits, no stop bit
Communication distance: Wire diameter no less than 0.6mm, max distance 3-5m
Operation temperature: 0-50℃
Environmental Relative humidity:≤95%R.H
Atmospheric pressure: 0.86~1.06 bar (86~106kpa)
Output signal: (0~200) mV
Dimension: φ35×133.5(mm)
Net Weight: 0.28kg

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