SPMK Calibrators goes into the Southern Sichuan Calibration Station


Recently, SPMK brand pressure gauge and calibrators have succeeded in entering the South Sichuan calibration station with good product quality, reasonable quotations and a perfect after-sales service system.

The pressure gauge calibration device mainly consists of hand-held pressure pump, intelligent digital pressure calibrator and other equipment. The SPMK212C hand-held micro-pressure pump is ultra fine-tuned, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, not easy to leak, stable lifting pressure. SPMK223 intelligent digital pressure calibrator is a powerful and high-precision pressure calibrator with built-in HART protocol. It can be used with 212C for various differential pressure transmitters, pressure switches, differential pressure gauges, and other devices on site or in the laboratory. Pressure instruments, meters and other calibration work.


Post time: Jun-14-2018