Water Pressure Calibraiton Comparator-600bar/9000psi – SPMK990S

Water Pressure Calibraiton Comparator-600bar/9000psi – SPMK990S

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Water Pressure Comparator pump SPMK990S

Oil Pressure Comparator pump SPMK990Y

0-600bar, two types available.

Media can be drop out of the pump,which can avoid polution to the system.

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SPMK990S पाण्याचा दाब Comparator

प्रेशर रंग ई: (0-600) बार; (0-9,000) पोलीस उपनिरीक्षक

समायोजन ठराव: 0.01bar; 1kPa

कनेक्शन: M20x1.5 पर्यायी

महत्व (410 × 310 × 120) मिमी

निव्वळ वजन: 11Kg

माध्यम: शुद्ध पाणी

अॅक्सेसरीज: कडक पहारा ठेवला घटक (10pcs), प्लग (3pcs),

हँडल (1pcs) cranking काढून टाकावे,-पाईप (1pcs)

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  • 1.The Desktop portable pressure calibration pump uses high-quality imported stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials. Using imported advanced sealing technology and sealing elements, refined through a variety of processing technologies, The product has a unique structure and is extremely easy to operate.

    2.It is idea for pressure calibration of pressure gauge / pressure transmitter/pressure sensors and other pressure instruments.

    3.Recommend: With SPMK700 high accuracy digital pressure gauge/SPMK223 digital calibrator as reference as an application, the effect is better.

    SPMK990S 600bar calibration solution

    Order 990

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